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Announcement of Partnership with Printoga

June 22nd, 2022

Written by Cameron Bonesso

Today, Constituent Manager Solutions is pleased to announce a partnership between our firm and Printoga, also operating as


"Printoga has been able to deliver results for their clients across Ontario for years and their print shop services allow them to be able to provide their clients with quality print orders. Our firm has been seeking to partner with a reliable vendor that can offer both print and lawn sign services to our clients. This partnership will allow us to begin offering Printoga's extensive suite of services to candidates at competitive rates for the upcoming Ontario municipal election this fall" said Constituent Manager Solutions' President, Cameron Bonesso.

Previously, Constituent Manager Solutions would outsource all print shop orders to other local vendors on behalf of our clients. With the signing of a shared services agreement, our firm is now able to directly offer Printoga's print shop services as an additional part of our existing service suite along with Printoga now being able to offer Constituent Manager Solutions' service suite to their clients. You can click here to view our firm's service suite.

For contact:
(905) 410-2207

About Constituent Manager Solutions:

 Located in Ottawa, Ontario just minutes away from Parliament, Constituent Manager Solutions provides advisory, communications, data management and voter contact services to advocacy groups, political campaigns and elected officials at all levels of government across Canada. Founded in January 2020, our firm has delivered results for dozens of campaigns and organizations. 

 Interested in getting research conducted on behalf of your organization? Does your campaign need reliable voter contact solutions? Click here to schedule a free consultation or to learn more.

About / Printoga:

Based in Cambridge, Ontario, offers the best prices and quality on dozens of printed marketing materials for candidates in Canadian municipal, provincial and federal elections. We also offer online marketing with our high-end, search-engine friendly websites and social media marketing services. Our custom graphic design services will take the pressure off you so you can focus on building your campaign with confidence. Click here to visit


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