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Campaign essentials: building a website that will stand out

November 8th, 2021

Written by Gyasi Swann

During my work as a web developer, I've seen dozens of campaign websites – some good, some bad. Most websites are just okay and provide the bare minimum for them to be considered a "campaign website".

Right off the bat, a good campaign website consists of a few elements give or take. The number one element that your campaign website needs to have is a basic biography of the candidate and their platform. A surprising number of campaign websites don't even mention anything about the candidate's platform other than a few key campaign promises such as "lower taxes" or "fight climate change". Having a comprehensive platform on your website is important for swaying undecided voters. Often, many undecided voters will visit candidate websites in the final days before an election to decide who they will vote for. If you don't have any policy on your website, how can a voter be expected to know where you stand on certain, often local, issues beyond whatever the national party or leader is saying?

Other important elements that are often ignored is a way to sign up new volunteers and get them engaged with the campaign. Many websites will have an all-in-one contact form where they'll tell supporters to get in touch if they want to volunteer, but having a dedicated volunteer mobilization page can allow for volunteers to choose how they want to help on the campaign such as making phone calls or knocking on doors and their level of time commitment. Prospective volunteers are twice as likely to actually come out to campaign events if they make a commitment to do so via a volunteer mobilization or events page.

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