The privacy and confidentiality of our clients personal information and their work is of utmost importance to Constituent Manager Solutions. We do not collect and share constituent data or personal information with third parties. Any copy of data that you provide Constituent Manager Solutions to use is destroyed upon completion of our agreement with you. All employees, contractors and        sub-contractors that work for us or that we work with are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before having access to any data we use or that you provide us with. 

Internal Secrecy Policy

While our firm primarily serves right-leaning clients, Constituent Manager Solutions serves a variety of clients across the political spectrum at all levels of government. We also know that as consultants, we each harbour our own political views. As such, we value the trust that our clients put in us to ensure that the work we do for them remains confidential if need be. At Constituent Manager Solutions, we assign ourselves to our client accounts based upon the political affiliations we hold. This means that if you work with us, you can be assured that the consultant assigned to your account supports your political activities and has a vested interest in you succeeding. This also means that our consultants do not disclose information to each other about their respective accounts if both consultants do not hold the same political views. 

Client Non-Compete Policy

Constituent Manager Solutions also adheres to a client non-compete policy in which that we agree not to work for a competing party once we have signed an agreement to provide you or your campaign with a service or services until that contract has been terminated. For instance, if we have a local campaign in one constituency that we are providing voter outreach to, we agree not to do voter outreach or provide any other service for an opposition campaign in the same constituency until our contract has been terminated.

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