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Use text blasts to get your message out quickly

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Communicate your message in words or with images

SMS (Short Messaging Service) or MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) blasts let campaigns and organizations send out short text messages to large lists of mobile numbers in just minutes. Our firm is able to help send out blasts on behalf of your campaign or organization at affordable rates.

Why use an SMS or MMS blast?

Blasts are effective for doing voter ID or getting your supporters out to vote.


We use dynamic text blocks to create the appearance that your message is being sent from a local number.


Craft your own message or let one of our consultants help you with your messaging for a small fee. It's as easy as providing us with a list of mobile numbers to send the message(s) to and we’ll handle the rest.


Replies and responses will be organized into lists by our team so you can easily enter them into your client / constituent relationship manager (CRM) such as CIMS, Liberalist, or our Constituent Manager platform.

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Messaging Rates


SMS Blast

$0.10 per message*

MMS Blast

$0.25 per message

*Charged at a rate of $0.10 per SMS blast of 131 characters or less. Additional fees apply for SMS blasts over 131 characters in length.

Service Fees


Local Outbound Texting ID Number Rental

$3 per month