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Voice broadcasting lets voters hear your voice

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Use a voice broadcast to quickly reach out to a large group of people

A voice broadcast is an effective way to get your supporters out to vote or to let constituents know about an upcoming event. Our firm is able to help send out voice broadcasts on behalf of your campaign or organization for a low cost. In Canada, voice broadcasts cannot, by law, be used for the purpose of solicitation. 

How does voice broadcasting work?

Record a brief message or have one of our team members record one on your behalf to be sent out to your contact list.


We use local numbers with each broadcast to increase answer rate.


Choose the date and time to send the broadcast out or let us send it during the most optimal time.


If no one picks up on their end, the broadcast will automatically be sent to their voicemail so it can still be heard.

Voice Broadcasting

Broadcasting Rates


Voice Broadcast

$0.20 per call*

*Charged at a rate of $0.20 per broadcast of 60 seconds or less. Additional fees apply for broadcasts over 60 seconds in length.

Service Fees & Add Ons


Local Outbound Caller ID Number Rental

$3 per month

Custom Broadcast Recording

$10 per recording