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Consulting, Outreach, Design

Located in the heart of Canada's capital just minutes away from Parliament Hill, Constituent Manager Solutions provides advisory, communications, digital, data management and outreach services to both private and public sector clients across the country.

  • Web Design and Development
    Our team has experience building websites for candidates at all levels of government across the country. We work with you to build a website that is functional, stylish and above all – delivers results. Choose from one of our template candidate websites or have your website custom built from scratch to your liking. Starting at $400.00+ for our template candidate websites Starting at $1,500.00+ for our custom websites from scratch
  • Live Outbound Calling
    Live outbound calling can supplement your campaign or organization's outreach efforts. Have a list of voters you need called? How about selling memberships to your non-profit's supporters? Our live outbound calling service can help turn your leads into tangible results. $33.50 / Hour for outreach, issue-based polling and voter identification calling $35.50 / Hour for membership sales calling $35.50 / Hour + 10% commission for fundraising calling
  • Voice Broadcasting
    Voice broadcasting can let your supporters hear from your campaign directly. It's a cost-effective way to get your message out to a large group of people in a short period of time without much fuss. Our firm can schedule and send a pre-recorded voice broadcast on your behalf. $0.12 / Voice broadcast (robocall)
  • Political Communications
    Our firm is able to assist with various communications practices such as copywriting, graphic design and media relations among other practices. $40.00 / Hour for our political communications service
  • Campaign Consulting
    Your time is valuable and running for office or helping someone run can be a huge commitment. We can assist by helping take some of the burden off you as a candidate or campaign manager. $40.00 / Hour for our campaign consulting services
  • SMS and MMS Blasts
    Text message blasts can be used to send cost-effective, personalized messages to voters. You can use a text message blast to send a link to a petition for the purpose of collecting data or remind your supporters to head to the polls as part of your campaign's get out the vote (GOTV) effort. $0.07 / SMS blast (standard text message) $0.14 / MMS blast (multimedia blast) *Costs for our SMS / MMS blast service is based on rates from our providers. We offer competitive, lower rates on broadcasts and messages sent in bulk.
  • Geomapping and Poll Analysis
    Geomapping with our virtual maps can help you digitally track areas canvassed and sign placement locations among other uses. Our poll analysis using previous election and demographic data helps determine neighbourhoods where you're likely to identify a greater number of supporters. $40.00 / Hour for map maintenance $250.00 / School board zone or municipal ward map $500.00 / Provincial or federal riding map
  • Opposition Research
    Constituent Manager Solutions uses various types of open-source intelligence (OSINT) sources to provide valuable research to our clients. Examples include social media history, business activities and donor records among other sources. $40.00 / Hour for our opposition research services
  • Data Management
    Keeping your important data organized is key for any successful campaign or organization. Our team can help by assisting with keeping your database up-to-date and well-organized. Specifically, we can help with: database and list cleaning, phone number dial tests, CRM platform setup including NationBuilder, media distribution list procurement, finding new phone numbers for your contacts, identified voter analysis, etcetera. $40.00 / Hour for our data management service *Additional fees may apply for costs associated with dial tests.

Our campaign services and costs

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What one of our past clients has to say about our services

"I hired Constituent Manager Solutions to help run my campaign for the 2021 federal election and can highly recommend their services, professionalism and focus on results. Their voter contact services identified over a thousand new supporters for me in Ottawa Centre which, historically, is a strong Liberal-NDP riding. The services that Constituent Manager Solutions offers for political campaigns can make all the difference."

– Carol Clemenhagen, Conservative Pa
rty Candidate of Record (Ottawa Centre)

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